National Hug Day 2017


In honor of National Hug Day on January 21, K.I.D.S./Fashion Delivers is partnering with Cuddl Duds for the 3rd annual #CuddlHug campaign to help benefit children and families impacted by poverty and disaster.

On Friday, January 20, Cuddl Duds will kick off the campaign by posting a special #CuddlHug photo on Facebook ( and Twitter (@CuddlDuds). From Friday, January 20 through Monday, January 23, for each ‘share’ on Facebook and ‘retweet’ on Twitter of the photo, Cuddl Duds will donate $1.00 to K.I.D.S./Fashion Delivers (up to $20,000).

“The Cuddl Duds brand logo features our “Huggie” trademark, which was created to capture the feelings of warmth, comfort, and delight. This feel-good campaign encourages everyone to share the positive benefits of a hug, in addition to helping you feel good, too, by giving back to charity,” said Mark Sandler, president, Komar Layering.

In addition, Cuddl Duds will also pledge to donate one new clothing item to K.I.D.S./Fashion Delivers for each order placed on from Friday, January 20 through Monday, January 23. K.I.D.S./Fashion Delivers will again help to distribute the product, this year specifically to Northside Center for Child Development (, a New York City-based nonprofit that provides expert behavioral, mental health, education and enrichment programs to children and families living in poverty.