Funded Agency Program

Because of the work you do as part of the K.I.D.S./Fashion Delivers network, we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to take part in our Funded Agency Program, and the ability to make a bigger impact on the communities that you serve.

By providing us with a minimum grant of $10,000, we can ensure that you will receive no less than $150,000 worth of product over twelve months and receive the following benefits:

• First priority in your area for product donations as they become available.

• Ability to stretch your budgets further with a 15:1 match on $10,000 grants and a 20:1 match on $20,000 grants and above.

• The opportunity to partner with us for your important distribution events and work jointly on grants to help you support the Program.

• Allow your staff to focus on the services that you offer while we work with our network of product donors to obtain the resources you need.

The community partners that are already taking part in the Funded Agency program have told us that having access to the kind of new, quality product that we can provide has made a significant difference in their reach and how their clients feel about themselves. If you are interested in discussing the program further, please contact Dennie Hughes, Community Partners Director at 212-279-2941 or at